Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fashion Inspiration : Outfits on Christmas Day

Posted some inspired outfit from the runaway and fashion catalog. I can't wait to dressing up nicely on Christmas Day. How about you? Do you prefer a simple outfit or a quirky outfit for a special Christmas Day? Maybe some of you really like to wear a printed sweatshirt or even a costume on Christmas Day. Well, you can express it!

I am not feeling sure yet about those outfits above for a Christmas Day. I feature those outfits because they are simple and looking so comfy but yet stylish at the same time. I personally don't mind to wear comfortable outfits on a Christmas Day.

This outfit above is definitely my favorite. It's so cute! I think, It's going to be nice to wear this outfit when you are opening your Christmas gifts under the Christmas tree at the same time. Jeremy Scott is such a creative designer. I really love all his designs. His style is fun and so expressive. I think his designs are being suitable for all fun occasion, such as Valentine, Christmas, New Year, and Party.


Don't forget about some fun shoes on Christmas Day. I rarely find a great pair of sneakers, but I suddenly find out these awesome sneakers after browsing the internet several times. Again, Jeremy Scott for Adidas sneakers are my favorite. This world is not fair. I need more money to buy all of these sneakers. I'm broke! LOL.

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