Sunday, January 30, 2011




Marcella, Quin, Lisa

Vita, Lisa, Merlin, Marcella, Me, Quin

Clarissa, Stefanni, Paula, Monica, Me, Merlin

Vita, Ms. Tari, Mrs. Rita

After get tired we decided to go to the mall, and having lunch in Platinum Restaurant. And spending much money only for the foods. Hahaha. Yeah that's me! :p

And also we having fun at Apple Store and playing music with the new iPod Touch with 5MP camera. How awesome it is? Yeah my day is awesome with fully of happiness and iPod things :p

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Movie Review : BURLESQUE!

An awesome film. This film really motivated me to be a better person. How come a girl who came from a middle class family, could be a famous singer. This movie is freaking incredible and outta my mind. I have to open my mind again and absorb many knowledge. Learn from many successful people's stories and learn from every mistake that i've done in my life.

An ordinary girl who really unfortunate. She is living and fighting for her own dreams to be more than just a dream, she needs to make all her dreams come true. Well at the end, she is becoming a huge successful singer and sing many parade songs on stage with spot lights on.

Better you go to the local cinema at your country and watch this movie..really motivated me as well! I'm going home and opening my blog and get really motivated to write this review. Well i know it's kinda short for us. Admit it, many of us are too lazy to read something. Com'on you need to learn how to love reading by now. So just go to catch up this movie. I know many guys out there come to see Christina. She is pretty badass right?


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Friday, January 14, 2011

Fashion Inspiration : Street Fashion for Young Girls [Trend in 2011]

Okay, i'm not the type of fashion blogger who full in rules. So when i want to post some outfits i'll post my own picture with my face,body,my outfits on it everytime when i write a post. NO! If i found a new outfits who clearly it's so match for you i'll post it and i'll say about the information about the outfits. All of them! :D so if you want to ask, why you don't take so many photo with awesome dresses or outfits like another fashion blogger, ex: Diana Rikasari? She is the real fashion blogger dude! My answer is Yes she is. And No for some people who say that a fashion bloggers have to always upload their own photos with their outfits! Really? Fashion Blogger have to always post their pictures on blog? I'm just smilling because the true fashion blogger is the person who knows about fashion things. If i'm not post my picture on my blog, i usually post on facebook :D thanks for you readers!

And this is the street style when you see in Seoul, South Korea. So simple but so fashion. Can you see that? And their skin are so beautiful, white,.. Why do korean sometime look so pale? Because they wears a BB Cream. You can get BB Cream @Etude House shop, @SkinFood shop, and @Maybelline counter. You can follow them too. <3 xoxo

Random : Michelle Phan replied my tweet!

Who knows this girl? Yes, she is Michelle Phan! Open her youtube account, so amazing makeup tutorials. I learn many things from her. And guess what? she is replied my tweet. I said : 'how awesome i reading teenvogue magazine now, and guess what i saw michelle phan's articles about wearing makeup' . Michelle was replying when i slept in my chilly room. SEE THAT! we have a short conversation @that time. How awesome, i was really happy when i saw that tweet from her.

A famous lamous makeup pro can reply my tweet, from 10000++ other people who tag @michellephan 's name on their twitter... thanks michelle!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Journey to Central Java - Quick Update

I went to Central Java for 5 days. and here , the photos of me and my family :D check these out!

 I have one family house at Central Java cause my family love traditional things, so we have a house in there. And look, i found out a new birdy bird in my house. So pure she is so cute, and every morning i can hear her sound.

This is the inspiring shirt from Solo, and the motto sign is Solo The Spirit of Java. Wonderful :D actually many things in Central Java are more cheappy more than in Jakarta and Busan. Hhahahaa. I got this only Rp 20.000,- in rupiah.

 When i'm goin to the mall at Central Java, Solo City, the mall was totally great with full AC actually.HAHA.and so many branded stores and shops right there!

 I was so hungry and goin to the coffee break store called Kopi Luwak. I didn't what is mean but the foods and drinks was so delicious.

 Bought 4 pcs batik for my father in this modern batik shop. Ah! Totally modern shop!

And this is the brave monument at Solo City, Solo Baru (New part of Solo City)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beauty Review : Dark skin? Because of the damn SUN? :O

Some people send me a request about "how to make skin brighter than before". (In a real condition not a photoshoped) If you know, our skin it's automaticly doing regeneration in every 2 weeks. So if you wanna get a skin lighter do all these things!


1. Eat more fruits, lemon, orange, banana, apple.
2. Eat properly, at least 3 times a day.
3. Don't sleep to late, max on 00.00 AM
4. Be happy and stop to always getting stressed out.
5. Smiling is good for release stress, but do not over doing it.
6. Using lotion, i prefer to use VASELINE the new 'healthy white' with SPF 24 and triple protection (UVA and UVB protection also for fair and even toned skin or dark skin) it make your skin whiter and whiter every 2 weeks. Like an ordinary the colour of our skin.

this is the picture of THE NEW VASELINE !

7. Using some treatment products, my personal recommendation for the moment is coming from a brand called ORIFLAME.