Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beauty Review : Dark skin? Because of the damn SUN? :O

Some people send me a request about "how to make skin brighter than before". (In a real condition not a photoshoped) If you know, our skin it's automaticly doing regeneration in every 2 weeks. So if you wanna get a skin lighter do all these things!


1. Eat more fruits, lemon, orange, banana, apple.
2. Eat properly, at least 3 times a day.
3. Don't sleep to late, max on 00.00 AM
4. Be happy and stop to always getting stressed out.
5. Smiling is good for release stress, but do not over doing it.
6. Using lotion, i prefer to use VASELINE the new 'healthy white' with SPF 24 and triple protection (UVA and UVB protection also for fair and even toned skin or dark skin) it make your skin whiter and whiter every 2 weeks. Like an ordinary the colour of our skin.

this is the picture of THE NEW VASELINE !

7. Using some treatment products, my personal recommendation for the moment is coming from a brand called ORIFLAME.

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