Friday, January 14, 2011

Fashion Inspiration : Street Fashion for Young Girls [Trend in 2011]

Okay, i'm not the type of fashion blogger who full in rules. So when i want to post some outfits i'll post my own picture with my face,body,my outfits on it everytime when i write a post. NO! If i found a new outfits who clearly it's so match for you i'll post it and i'll say about the information about the outfits. All of them! :D so if you want to ask, why you don't take so many photo with awesome dresses or outfits like another fashion blogger, ex: Diana Rikasari? She is the real fashion blogger dude! My answer is Yes she is. And No for some people who say that a fashion bloggers have to always upload their own photos with their outfits! Really? Fashion Blogger have to always post their pictures on blog? I'm just smilling because the true fashion blogger is the person who knows about fashion things. If i'm not post my picture on my blog, i usually post on facebook :D thanks for you readers!

And this is the street style when you see in Seoul, South Korea. So simple but so fashion. Can you see that? And their skin are so beautiful, white,.. Why do korean sometime look so pale? Because they wears a BB Cream. You can get BB Cream @Etude House shop, @SkinFood shop, and @Maybelline counter. You can follow them too. <3 xoxo

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