Sunday, January 23, 2011

Movie Review : BURLESQUE!

An awesome film. This film really motivated me to be a better person. How come a girl who came from a middle class family, could be a famous singer. This movie is freaking incredible and outta my mind. I have to open my mind again and absorb many knowledge. Learn from many successful people's stories and learn from every mistake that i've done in my life.

An ordinary girl who really unfortunate. She is living and fighting for her own dreams to be more than just a dream, she needs to make all her dreams come true. Well at the end, she is becoming a huge successful singer and sing many parade songs on stage with spot lights on.

Better you go to the local cinema at your country and watch this movie..really motivated me as well! I'm going home and opening my blog and get really motivated to write this review. Well i know it's kinda short for us. Admit it, many of us are too lazy to read something. Com'on you need to learn how to love reading by now. So just go to catch up this movie. I know many guys out there come to see Christina. She is pretty badass right?


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