Saturday, February 5, 2011

Casual Day on Chinese New Year 2

Okay on Friday i wasn't going to my school, because i had to do something important at home. Preparing chinese new year man! Oh c'mon my teachers really hate that when some students are not there in their classes! Oh my God ! I'm in a big trouble right now! So for my teacher if you read this, please understand my tradition to celebrating my chinese new year. My chemistry teacher said : "it's okay they aren't here right now! They are choosing angpaos more than my class. I'll not give any scores for them!" WHAT!!!!! I couldn't going to school because of my family. Woaaa! Nice words : choosing angpaos! sooooo assumption!! Forget about my problems so these are the photo for my MODERN CHINESE NEW YEAR CELEBRATE!

Classical hairband , and so expensive just for hairband. So i didn't buy it :p

 Minnie Mouse Chef Hairband, i wanna buy this! Really bad! But totally this is the original from disney. 
Guess  what? Yeah, EXPENSIVE! LOL :p

Yoyo and Pucca puppet show!


Super-T - T'shirt
Reebok - Hoodie
Number 61 - Legging Jeans
Converse - Shoes
CoolMax - Sport Bag


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