Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 2011 : The Faceshop Haul x Kim Hyun Joong

I bought 3 products from THEFACESHOP today. I spent over and over my money, and the one saler said to me that i could have Kim Hyun Joong Special Gift Box with Special Calendar. I'M HYUN JOONG'S HUGE FAN! (*not a fan which come out with wind but I'M A FAN! Okay i don't how to explain this.) So these are the photos about 3 products and the special present. Thank you THEFACESHOP!

This is the box , and when you open it you can see :

 Kim Hyun Joong Calendar with Beauty Tips

 3 products did i choose :) They were : Guava & Mango Body Wash , BB Cream Hydro Splash, and the last is Olive Soap for Face with Scrub.

 Hydro Splash BB Cream is combine with 70% water and mineral. So this will never make a pores on your face :)


 I put them in my room.

 And then i kissed them! LOL

Guess what? Before we left from thefaceshop store, we took a photo with Kim Hyun Joong. 
Yeah just a poster -.- And my father said, "hey he is my twinneeyy! I'm has a same face like him!"
Geeezz <.<"

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