Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Journey to Bali - Bali Airport Fashion [Flight Orange]

 Orange scarft and Orange simple shirt , don't forget about eyemakeup ;D 

Flight to Bali Island

This is so good! nyammmm :9

you want to order these? 

because i want to write about my Bali Fashion Adventure in 3 PARTS!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hello Bali!

I'll be there for Bali, yey! Let's do some fun! These are the photos, so all of you can say "i love this island so much and i'll be go to Indonesia to meet Bali"

Monday, May 23, 2011

Beauty Review : Comedo, NO WAY!

All people have their own comedo problems, so to erase that problems please check out this tutorial how to make your comedo screammiinggg "AAAA NOOOOOOO!!" Because you will pull out your comedos and using a scrub to shrink your facial pores ! (mengecilkan pori" wajah setelah komedo terangkat)

First , you open the package ...

Second, pull out the transparent plastic from the porepack.

Using this mint tea with the perfect green tea and mint extract ...

Third, Spray to your nose because the pore pack really needs a wet nose.

Then, put to your nose and then wait 10-15 minutes.

The result is totally awesome..

Use this and wash your face to shrink all the facial pores.

USE THIS CUTE PACKS from Biore Pore Pack

Friday, May 20, 2011

May 2011 : Body Shop Haul

21st April  was my mother birthday.. and my father bought this package for my mother's birthday present. 
How nice! I love the color, cause it's purple! I love purple cause it seems like a candy bar :9

Random : Featured at Diana Rikasari's Blog - Hot Chocolate and Mint

 I featured on Diana Rikasari's blog 'Hot Chocolate and Mint' and i'm so glad for that. Just open Her Blog and search the article about 'School Hopping' . Some pictures captured by me, and i sent an email to her. But before i sent to her, i tweet her on twitter. So it is not too presumptuous. 


 She also added a link for my blog, thank you so much my senior!

Baju 24 dress, unbranded dress worn inside, Uniqlo tights, Fossil bag, Up wedges

Monday, May 16, 2011

POND'S Teens Concert RoadShow 2


as you can see that man's so crazy -.- (blue t-shirt) and he's the host..

POND'S Teens Concert RoadShow

POND'S Teen Concert came to my school SMAK ABDI SISWA. Quite fun to spent my quality times with friends and all the guests on that day. How to participate this event :)
Sing with you favorite Indonesian Singers on stage, get Rp 50.000.000,- , many more. Just open the official website, send your video as your creativity. 

For me i'm not too interested with this event because i don't have much time to record my self on a video and upload it to the website. My internet signal isn't too good if i upload some video. So i will not participate for this event but i'm looking forward for you guys to join this event. You can meet your own favorite artists and singer! Good luck!

(CLICK The picture to bigger size)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tex Saverio - Not just a dream from Indonesian Designer

Lady Gaga - Mother of Monster(s) lol, i think she is not. She is the queen and she is really fabulous. She is dare to be unique and i love how this dress combined those Lady Gaga's characters together.

Lady Gaga wore the black dress designed by Tex Saverio, a young man from Indonesia. He is Indonesian Local Designer. He is my favorite designer of all time because his style is very unique! He's the Indonesian Alexander McQueen. I really get interested with design and art stuffs, especially his creations. This local Indonesian designer is on his way to go international.

Bazaar Magazine

Tex Saverio's design for Lady Gaga , 
i'm so proud because he is an indonesian and he did something good job! 

I just hope, someday i can meet him in real life or see his fashion show on fashion week here in Indonesia. He inspires a lot of other your designers to dream big and design something out of the box. Imagine, feel it, and make it. I think Tex Saverio kills everytime he participated on fashion week.