Monday, May 23, 2011

Beauty Review : Comedo, NO WAY!

All people have their own comedo problems, so to erase that problems please check out this tutorial how to make your comedo screammiinggg "AAAA NOOOOOOO!!" Because you will pull out your comedos and using a scrub to shrink your facial pores ! (mengecilkan pori" wajah setelah komedo terangkat)

First , you open the package ...

Second, pull out the transparent plastic from the porepack.

Using this mint tea with the perfect green tea and mint extract ...

Third, Spray to your nose because the pore pack really needs a wet nose.

Then, put to your nose and then wait 10-15 minutes.

The result is totally awesome..

Use this and wash your face to shrink all the facial pores.

USE THIS CUTE PACKS from Biore Pore Pack

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