Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tex Saverio - Not just a dream from Indonesian Designer

Lady Gaga - Mother of Monster(s) lol, i think she is not. She is the queen and she is really fabulous. She is dare to be unique and i love how this dress combined those Lady Gaga's characters together.

Lady Gaga wore the black dress designed by Tex Saverio, a young man from Indonesia. He is Indonesian Local Designer. He is my favorite designer of all time because his style is very unique! He's the Indonesian Alexander McQueen. I really get interested with design and art stuffs, especially his creations. This local Indonesian designer is on his way to go international.

Bazaar Magazine

Tex Saverio's design for Lady Gaga , 
i'm so proud because he is an indonesian and he did something good job! 

I just hope, someday i can meet him in real life or see his fashion show on fashion week here in Indonesia. He inspires a lot of other your designers to dream big and design something out of the box. Imagine, feel it, and make it. I think Tex Saverio kills everytime he participated on fashion week.

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