Saturday, July 23, 2011

Beauty Review : Cherry Blossom Makeup

Hello guys, finally after i got my skincare treatment for one month now i'm back with my own photo and i can apply my makeup on. So these are Cheery Blossom Natural Makeup photos. I used the faceshop Lip Tint to make my lip more red but it keeps natural. So check these out! I was using a fake lashes for my two photos and another one i fake my lashes, because i forgot to put it before i took a shoot.. Check it out!

So pretty right? I love my blush color and my lip tint color. My photo style is very same as singaporean blogger, i don't know why. I bet you like my photos too *wtf* LOL! Just kidding.. Okay the next photo as you can see, my lashes are fake! Because i took this photo before i put on my lashes. LOL! I forgot about my lashes!  I conceal the perfection and the dark circles..

After all finish don't forget to defend your eyebrows with soft chocolate color.

So this is my lip tint color i bought it from TheFaceShop Public Store at the mall. The result was so great and you have to try to buy this lip tint. TRYYYYYYYYYY!! AND GOOD LUCK!

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