Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beauty Review : Easy Way to Make Your Nose Looks Sharp!

Hello guys, welcome back with me! I'm margaret because i learn about beauty so let me share a bit about how make your nose looks sharp and you will get a higher nose bridge. Let's follow the step and don't forget to share your thought by commenting if you want. I'm looking forward for the look after you tried this thing out.

To make your nose sharp than before use a soft chocolate shading and nose highlighters. So if you take a photo the light will bounce off so your nose bone will be there! Use the shading don't apply it too harsh, keep blend it out until the color is not harsh and combine with your natural skin color!

After your shading your nose and all blend it out perfectly, use your eyeshadow brush make a line with your highlighters on your nose. After that you look to your own nose! Your nose are horrible and too harsh to see. So blend it out with blushon brush..

And finally you got the final look! I want to say, i got the sharp nose but my nose bone it's little bit big.. So to make my nose bone contrast so i line a little bit with shading and highlighters.. Good Luck to try at your home!

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