Monday, July 18, 2011

Random : Welcome back to School!

Hello everyone, today it's my first day at school after 1 month absent from school activity. As you know we had a long holiday time. So finally i'm being a new grade 11 student in my school. How about you? How's your day? Isn't that cool,fun, or full of bullying? I hope all of you have a good luck. If you can work more harder everyone can respect and welcome to your presence. I bring a Korean Notebook, Minmie purple pencil case, a Guess Woman Wallet, a bottle of water, a novel, and my Nokia smartphone also my Blackberry . Do you bring something interesting today? I hope so, we gonna take our full time to laugh and talk with our besties on our first day! Enjoy your day, thank you for support me as well! *-*

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