Sunday, August 7, 2011

Beauty Review : Beauty Mask from Nuface

(뉴 페이스 페이셸 마스크)

I bought these masks for facial treatment, i tried one and the result was amazing. So refreshing for my face and so relaxing. If you have so many acnes so you have to try this and see the instructions. After you apply this mask to your face and wait till 15-20 minutes, just keep your face damp with the last water/moist from the mask that you used before. Just wait again untill your face dry and apply your anti acne cream. 

 So this is my face when i tried the mask, so refreshing and so cold feeling when i used it, hahaha. Try it now!


  1. eeh your post is doubled or issit only me? I reckon there must be some crash on your widget application >.< but oh, I haven't tried this mask before, but it sounds promising though ^^

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    The prize are korean bb creams and bubble cleansing foam, hope you want to check it out on my blog :)

    here's the link:(pardon me ^^)

  2. yeah it was double post :) idk~ but nothing said that my blog was confusing! LOL!
    but my readers will always see my post when they scroll it down, that's my point..hahaha~~

    oh thank you very much :) i'll visit yours!