Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fashion Inspiration : Park Shin Hye's Dolly Styles

Park Shin Hye... You know who is she? She's the pretty actress is really talented, she can dance, sing, and also act! Also she is a role model of some magazine and the icon of fashion inspiration of this week. Not only for my blog, she is becoming the new fashion inspiration around Korea because of her good style for woman fashion. So many girls out there want to follow her style as an inspiration. So check them out right now!

The photo shoots for the CeCi magazine were awesome! You can see her dolly small face with the cute makeup applying @her face. So classic with the red lipstick and her curl lashes.

Park Shin Hye for the COSMOPOLITAN Magazine act so retro and little bit act naughty with her style and i love her lip when she's wearing a red lipstick.

So i bet you agree that Park Shin Hye's face is so same as a doll. Look at her! So cute, classic, and fashionable. She haves a slim body, good eyes, and good lip's shape.

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