Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beauty Review : かわいい Kawaii & 얼짱 Ulzzang Secret Makeup Tips

Almost people are asking to me to being a kawaii or an ulzzang (얼짱)  I know what do they mean, they just want to be more prettier like them. So the secret just have 2 things , for Kawaii as japanese usually do just make your makeup as theme brown and their eyemakeup as HOT as HELL! For ulzzang the secret are pale skin and pop eyemakeup.

So if you want to make your eyes look pop same as ulzzang and kawaii people just try a fake lashes or a Extra Curl Mascara, i recommend Maybelline's mascara collection. I used Maybelline Volum' Express Lift Up Mascara. Curl your lashes first and apply this mascara 3rd time and your lashes are being like this! Look at my photo. If you want to grab and use a fake lashes use a dolly lashes. 

**)For pale skin you can use your favorite BB Cream.

Volum' Express Lift Up Mascara from Maybelline New York

Dolly kind of fake lashes + bottom lashes, i recommend about this "Dolly Wink" fake lashes, if you don't find this brand in your country you can buy another brand of lashes, but search a similar one! Almost kawaii and ulzzang use a dolly kind of lashes because the shape and the lashes cut patterns are very natural.

Eyeshadow use a light brown, White shimmer, and Dark Brown. Apply Light brown on your eyelids and use Dark Brown eyeshadow in the outer corner of your eyes, the final with your white shimmer apply to your inner corner of your eyes untill the outer corner and combine with the dark brown eyeshadow. You'll get this look!

Don't forget to use eyeliner on top of your eyes and make a wing out, just not to much just a little bit. Just use dark brown or black eyeliner. A great result is when u use a liquid eyeliner because they shape it'll make your eyes look bigger naturally. They give you a 3D big eye effect. But also you can use a pencil eyeliner to draw easier because a liquid eyeline will fast to dry :)

Pencil Eyeliners Black and Brown

Liquid eyeliner come with pencil or marker type.

Maybelline Pencil Eyeliners Black and Brown

For lip color just get a nude pink color for kawaii and for ulzzang just your lip tint and lip balm. Because an ulzzang's lip same as a Jaime Doll's lip Color. Red in the middle and pale outside. You can search Lip Tint brands too on google for example are : Tony Moly, The FaceShop Cherry Lip Tint *i use too*. Use a pink soft blusher for ulzzang but for kawaii use the same but apply 3rd time and you'll get a pink sheer cheek.

So you'll get these results

Kawaii Girl Come Out Inspired from Tsubasa Masuwaka