Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Late 1970s

I inspired to wore these 1970's outfits because of the song Roly Poly from T-ara. Just got inspired of something cool. The era it's called Disco Era and the era it was around the late of 1970's. So old, am i right? Do you agree so with me?

I wore Unbranded Ribbon, My Mom's old blazer, My Mom's old pajamas and i made it to be a Nice Vintage Shirt, I got the Blue Short Pants from Sogo Indonesia, and Black High Heels also you can use anything that high enough. Because the trend in 1970's was about high shoes.

**Perfect tan or yellow skin is so look more hot if you wear this 1970's outfits.**

So sorry, lately my face being like a sleepy face because i have an eye treatments from my doctor to erase my dark circles. I study a lot till night because everyday in my school have an examination things. Wth my school~ but it's okay, i hope my eyes will get better in 3 months. I'm still waiting for it! Hope It!

Some pictures from T-ara old sepia photo concept, i got from Google because i Google it first, of course!
You can also search it too from Google and type "T-ara Roly Poly" and you can find the photos.

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