Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beauty Review : L'Occitane EN PROVENCE Ultra Rich Lip Balm

This is my lip balm recommendation for all of you people! Boys can also use it for their lips and also for girls. This lip balm it's so working for our non healthy lip condition. You have to try it at home. My father brought it from China, i don't know how, but this is made in France not made in China. 

How about the size? The size is still the same as another lip balm, tiny and you can bring it everywhere. You can put it in your makeup bag, in your pocket, in your small or big bag, or you want to put in your wallet. It's up to you! They also have their own website you can also open it, click !

With 10* shea butter and healthy castor oil for your lip. 

Hmm..It smells good!

How horrible my lip was, but because of this lip balm my lip become really healthy and come back as usual now. Just try it now, and buy at your local drug store and happy for china and france, you can get it fast! I hope so. hehehehe :) Good luck with your days ! God bless :*

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