Friday, August 12, 2011

Beauty Review : Elongate your eyes with makeup!

Not a photoshoped! I didn't do that to my own face, i just wore a makeup. Some of my friends, they were a boys said that you always photoshoped your face! Damn shhhssshh~~ i didn't! you damn idiot! I'm using a makeup. I have a photos without makeup on my twitpic and facebook, don't ever to ask me again. I'm still the same as i am. I love to be the real me. This is my real face! Yeah, sometimes maybe some of people like you and hate you. Sometimes my friends told that you're so kawaii, ulzzang, and etc. Sometimes my friends (boys) told that you're so fake *because they weren't knowing about makeup lessons, yeah because they were boys!* Okay i know that, but i have the same face as not wearing a makeup and wearing my on face! Lol~ Stop talking about me if you aren't envy about me *jk~ but seriously* =__________=

So try this makeup inspiration as your makeup, so rock and can be so elegant too. So try this at home as fast as possible ...

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  1. Your eyes looks pretty! :)