Friday, August 26, 2011

Beauty Review : Natural in Peace Makeup

White Just Miss White Eyeshadow
Oriflame Blue Transparent Mascara
Maybelline Chocolate Eyeliner

Past 4 hours ago, me and my best friend went to the mall to bought something important. I already saved my money for 2 months to buy all makeup, unique, and skin care stuffs. So i found it all items that i need for! Yeay! I got stress because i got examination for the past 2 weeks. What the hell i'm so tired.. and some problem about my bad gossip and some of my friends always tease me just wanna make me feel like an idiot, uncomfortable, lose, and stop to blogging. Yeap, they were saying a bad things and then talking about my makeup and my outfits. Oh c'mon THAT'S ONLY FOR MY PHOTOS FOR THE NEW BLOG POST! after that i'm not wearing a make up or fashionable silly stuffs! 

I hope they'll get the right answer and stop bullying me at school,... bullying with their own wild mouth! You know about karma right? So just keep believe God will take something to make you open wild your own eyes! Don't be like that! No one will like you as well! Just be kind, joyful, and lovable person!

Okay comeback to this makeup,...
So look natural, yes it's natural! I just put 4 items.. white eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and for the base i put a Hydro BB Cream from TheFaceShop...
Try it at home and Good luck!


  1. don't call them friends if they want to tease you. :) i myself is lucky. my friends don't read my blog. ^^