Saturday, August 27, 2011

Beauty Review : Ulzzang Jaime Doll Makeup Inspired

Ping Outfit 1

I wore False Dolly Lashes, Liquid Black Eyeliner, Maybelline Chocolate Eyeliner, Roseberry Colors Lenses, Oriflame White Gillter for the eyes corner line, Peach Color Eyeshadow and Soft Pink Eyeshadow from Just Miss, Noona Italy Pink Blusher, Cherry Lip Tint from The FaceShop, and the last Victoria's Secret Big Rush Pink Plip Gloss.

So i got it finally how to make this jaime doll's eyes, eyes colors, and also about the eye shadow effect... It's make your face more innocent than before same as the doll concept.

Failed to camwhore -_- So forget about this one picture and see another makeup result pictures.. I don't really like to make a video tutorial about makeup. So if you want try this kind of make up, grab The Jaime Doll Photos from Google and make it to your own face. Trust me, isn't too hard to try this makeup on!

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