Friday, September 9, 2011

My Journey to Thailand - Wat Arun วัดอรุณ

At that time it was my second day in Bangkok and we decided to go to the Wat Arun Temple or วัดอรุณ in Thailand. It was so hot but i really interested with our schedules for that day. The schedules were so full and from the morning till night. But we have to took a boat to the Wat Arun Temple and just take a 5 minutes for wait there because the services were extremely fast and great. But i disappointed about the river because it was a little bit dirty. Yeah because of Market! We passed a traditional market to get a boat service. But it was okay! All of them are friendly and it was make my feel better.

I was in the boat and a little bit felt dizzy because the boat was turning around when we get into the boat stop place. Cam whoring with all my family (only 4 of us) in a boat. As you can see there's a thai sign and it was telling us about the boat services time.  

Where were my eyes? I'm sorry now you see i lost my own eyes. Nope la! Just kidding! It was too hot as hell but the view all totally awesome! So artistic!

Take a photo with my father, my mom, and my little brother. Called him michael, he was little naughty but truthfully he's so kind if all in a good mood..

Cam whoring first so you can feel your awesome good mood! CLICK the camera and these are the result of my photos!

I wore Pink Blazer, Samuel and Kevin Vanilla Ice Long Shirt, Chocolate Short Pants, CoolMax bag (because i just brought only one bag to thailand), Ray Ban Newspaper Print Red Sunglasses, and Peter Kezia Shoes. 

I bought the Beach Sun Hat because i have to cover my face from the extremely hot sunshine. This kind of hat is so good if you wear it at the beach and at the places that have a hot weather. Good for summer time.. while you're tanning your skin :)   

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