Monday, September 12, 2011

My Journey to Thailand - Floating Market Thailand and Alcazar Cabaret Show

Next step on my tour, we went to Floating Market. This was still in a first day tour, because i uploaded per step maybe you get confuse why i dressed the same all the time. LOL! I'm not, just for one day! Yeap, i didn't take a bath twice because all day i'm on the road of my tour trip untill night.

So delicious roasted Chicken in Floating Market! So cheap and you have to buy it! Really awesome and delicious. these were a little bit sweet but a little bit spicy.

Took a photos and visited A Hard Rock Cafe and Hard Rock Shop :)

Say cheese at the camera with tired face, i'm so sorry because i was so ugly in this picture huh? 

Awesome place to watch a Lady Boy Cabaret Show <3 i was waiting when so many people one by one came in with ther free drinks. I got it too! :p I love free stuffs! hahahaha...
My ticket and prepare for the awesome cabaret show!

Jeng Jeng Jeng the drum and music played and i got shock! That's same as a Burlesque Movie (Christina Aguilera ) for the opening. You can see a big alphabet and type "ALCAZAR"

For the first song and with an awesome pretty Lady Boy with their bling bling costume :)

Sorry i took many photos but i selected this awesome Hanbok traditional clothes of Korea. How awesome they were! Before this part a song played that was Change from Hyuna 4Minute and i sang that song with another korean people in the studio or theater. So aweosme and they were so cute! BUT THEY ARE STILL A BOY :P so we just call them lady boy from thailand. All of you were awesome!

Say goodbye to us and see you outside because some of them that "pretty" would go outside and waited some people who want to take a photo with them.

Look at them, same as a princess! I know i'm right!

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