Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Journey to Thailand - Nong Nooch Village

Nice morning, we left our hotel and went to the Nong Nooch Village for the first time. All flowers were saying hello to us when our bus started the machine. How such a great few, we saw a Pattaya Beach first behind the Hotel and after that we went to Nong Nooch Tropical Garden / Village.

Arrived, bought tickets, watched the traditional show first! For 30 minutes, so amazing!

Watched smart elephants show!

Beautiful and kind of perfect garden same as a heaven. So don't forget to take out your camera if you visit this nong nooch village. Yeap i met so many korean and japanese in there and some korean asked where's the restaurant but i didn't know about the place. It was my first time!

I wore Nevada Dress, Briken Stock Sandals, CoolMax Bag, heard a music from my Nokia E63, Handmade Beach Hat.

My sandals.. it was so comfortable to use...

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