Friday, September 16, 2011

My Journey to Thailand - Siam Paragon and Siam Ocean World

4th day in Thailand i went to the Siam Paragon. We were really hungry and we wanted to eat something delicious. Also We would to go to the Siam Ocean World.

Siam Paragon

Siam Ocean World in Siam Paragon

Awesome view at outside the mall.

Got our Pattay! We orderes 2 Pattays for me and my dad. My dad got his own Seafood Pattay and I got Beef Pattay. So damn delicious and the price wasn't expensive at all!
Beef Pattay

Seafood Pattay

My mom ordered something delicious food too but i forgot the name. Same as my mom, she forgot about the name. 

Unnamed DeliciousFood! 

This is our Food Hall Card!

After that we were going to the Siam Ocean World. Just went to the downstairs with the elevator or lift. You got it right! You can see so many Siam Ocean World Sign and just follow the information.

Look at the Cafe's design. So cool!

We got our tickets here!

Super Giant i didn't know how it calledbut it'was totally scary and disgusting!

Awesome color!

In the small boat to see a shark, salmon, and some another fishes in this big aquarium. I saw the shark! It's so big!

Took a photo with an ugly fish , i thought that he likes me very much.. Look I got his head on my hand!

I got a kiss too...


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