Saturday, October 8, 2011

Charles and Keith's Bag

Outer - The Executive for Women
Inner - Brown T-Top
Pants - Nevada Brown Jeans
Belt : Nevada Brown Belt
Shoes - Black Heels
Bag - Charles and Keith (Charles & Keith)

I just want to say that outside of a person isn't not an important thing. Inside is the most important thing to know about their real "personality and beauty". So relative if you say this person hot, sexy, skinny, fat, or ugly. No fat people, so no more skinny people. No skinny people and will never be in this world fat people.
They are all relatives to say. So no one who choose to be skinny or fat or ugly or short or tall person. No one decided to have a big asses, boobs, lips, or any sexual things as they wanted for. OUTSIDE PART JUST seems like that, we can't control it. I'm skinny? Yes, I AM SKINNY. But i'm happy with this body. God gave me, i'll protect it and i have a job that force me to be always skinny *in normal way*.

I eat a lot but i still skinny because of my father's genetic. Sometimes my friends tease me because i'm skinny. But it's okay, some friends always tell me that it's a perfect match if i'm skinny. Because if i get fat, it'll be so weird!
So it's so relative guys! Keep going and don't care about them who tease you :]

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