Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Outfits for the You're Special 3

LOL! I took photo with brigitta this evening. She is a member of Cherrybelle of Indonesia Girlband, because we're in the same church make me feel isn't to hard to find her. But she is too busy these days with her show, show it's not too easy to talk to her. She was so nice to us, yeap this was making me feel better beside her.

Other Performs : BLP and Gisel from Indonesian Idol

Pooopppiinn dance!!

She has an amazing voice!

Took a photo with my friend Alice in Nafiri C.Hall. at Central Park, Jakarta. It's nice because some people realize that was me, wore these silly outfits. hahha

I wore : 

Simplycity - Black Cardigan
Domokun - Long Tank Top
Black Jeans
The Little Things She Needs - Red Shoes

Makeup :

Brown Crayon encil Eyeliner from Skin Food
Apple Blush from Skin Food
BB Cream from The Faceshop
BB Cream "fresh" from Maybelline
Cherry Lip Tint from The Faceshop
Mascara from Maybelline
Natural Eyeshadow from Just Miss

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