Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beauty Review : How to know between the real and the fake Aloe Sun BB Cream from Skin Food?

I bought these from Skin Food and i spent more than 200k rupiah. I just want to give my care to my own skin with a perfect skin care. The only solution is buy Skin Food products. You can see their products that i bought 2 days ago. Mask, Eye Cream, Facial Foam, and Concealer.

However do you know about The Fake Skin Food? So better you watch out if you want to buy makeup products via online. Maybe your products are fake and will make your skin goes wrong. So i will show you, for the example is the Aloe BB Cream from Skin Food.

From the packages which look the same from the original Aloe BB Cream. But ...
The Fake BB Cream is lighter, almost have no scent, and much thicker.
The Real BB Cream is darker, has a strong aloe scent, and the quality is medium thickness which good for your skin.

The Real Picture

The Fake Aloe BB Cream

Look at the color of the bottle caps and the color of the main body.  Both are looking darker and the actual Aloe BB Cream isn't looking that way. The main bottle color is brighter (a bit shiny) and the caps is darker. If you just look at the printing object, The fake and the original BB cream are looking the same way. So you can't proof it by see only from the printing object.

Proof The Colors

First : The Fake Aloe BB Cream
Second : The Real Aloe BB Cream

So do you guys see the different? As you know Lina Kim from Sparkleapple already posted a long time ago. But she never show you the bottles differences, she only said about the puffed -up packaging. So i tell you now..except the puffed-up packaging you can see the differences between the fake one and the original from the bottle's color. I hope all of you can avoid this cheat to undertaking customers publicly via online or blackmarket. Be careful now! ^^ Good luck!

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