Sunday, November 27, 2011

Beauty Review : Biore Cleansing Oil in Cotton

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Okay, i applied a havey makeup in my face because i want to show you how "Biore Cleansing Oil in Cotton" works well for my skin. I watched a tutorial how clean your makeup "in the right way" from XiaXue in . Now i want to try it and the result was awesome! I tried yesterday and rocks! I love this Japanese Product.

XiaXue bought a big one when i watched her video but i just bought the small package because i didn't believe at first and i thought that i just want to try it first. So i didn't take it too serious. 

So if you want to watch it, i'll share it :]

You can still see my comments for that video ... and i think i did it right! i said :

So taraaaaaaaaaa~
The result! I think i edited black and white to give you more creeppyy effect! LOL! How come, you just need one way off to wipe it and my fake lash came off from my eye...


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