Saturday, November 26, 2011

Makeup Artist Class

Hello guys, long time no see! I'm back now and i want to share about my interesting experience in "makeup artist class". Okay this morning i went to salon or beauty shop. I did something good for my hair for Modelling School for the afternoon.

Okay, i don't know what makeup theme is it, but i know it much better la~ and more professional style makeup applied in my face. I usually use very asian makeup and today i learn how to be international for makeup.

I got makeup sponsor from La Tulip Indonesia, i bought 2 products from them. Pro Mascara and the last was a white glitter. Cute awesome glitter same as Etude House Glitter Product and more cheaper than Etude so i bought that. LOL!

And some of my Camwhoring style..... no comment after all...... hahahaha..


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