Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Beauty Review : Seoul Girl Makeup

Actually i don't have any idea for the new blog post because my father brought my camera to Seoul. I already took a shoot with UK Flag shirt but i can't move all the pictures because my father brought it...gaaaaaahhh~ Frustated with it...

My Skin Color Yellow Effect

Okay i little bit change the skin color effect because of the lighting. Com'on please just like it my photo *force all of you* hahahaha.. I don't have any ideas too what am i talking about in my own blog?! So freaky like a freak.

My photo with Sweet Pink Skin Color Effect

Hope you enjoy my makeup photo inspiration. ou can use your fake lashes to make same as me.. I'm so tired and i need a rest.. So just end at here.. See you for the next post dear... Kiss you! and please keep follow my blog! :) God Bless You...


  1. aww too bad your dad bring your cam, lol but you still look so pretty :)

  2. T_T yep...
    thank you so much dear.. you too! God bless :)