Sunday, December 18, 2011

Easy Christmas Classic Makeup Tutorial

Okay, today i just want to share about the Christmas Theme for Makeup. You can make your day more special but you can act classic and elegant to in the same day, because the effect from your makeup. So Let's start!


1. First, apply your BB Cream. I recommend Aloe BB Cream from Skin Food because so soft and make your skin more flawless.
2. Second, Apply your concealer to conceal your panda eyes and another skin spots.
3. Third, blend it with your blending brush and then apply your mineral powder and blend it out with a powder brush.
4. After that apply the first color of eyeshadow to your eyelid. Cover it all. *Eyeshadow No.1*
5. Next, you put the color number 2 in the corner of your eyelid. *Eyeshadow No. 2*

6. Okay the next step is apply your black eyeliner and make a cat eye look.
7. Apply your Glitter Pencil Eyeliner (White) *look at the blue line number 4*
8. Apply at the corner of your eye a Glitter Liquid Eyeliner.

 You can see the number :

1. Eyeshadow color Number 1
2. Eyeshadow color Number 2
3. Glitter Liquid Liner (Transparent or white)
4. Glitter Pencil Eyeliner (White)

Eye scetch from : xMidnightxReignx

If you done it, the result will be so great and don't forget to curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara. Oh yeah, apply your favorite red lipstick but please don't apply it to thick. Don't forget before you use your lipstick put a concealer or lip concealer plus mineral powder so your lipstick will stay longer.

Thank you for read the tutorial, sorry i can't make a makeup tutorial on youtube because i don't have much time to edit and combine one by one of videos. So i just want to write a tutorial on my blog as a simple tutorial, so you can clearly understand too. Good Luck! :] *
sorry if i my grammar is so bad, i'm still trying* ahahaha


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