Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Fashion Style


Prepare for Christmas, you have to prepare your dresses to make your day become more beautiful than your ordinary day. But, you don't need to give all your money to shops at the mall, you have to share your love and your clothes with unfortune people that don't have any clothes to wear on Christmas. If you want to take an unique pictures, you have to see these fashion photos from VOGUE Magazine, i got it from VOGUE Australia. 

A unique fashion contrast it will be this year of Christmas trend. Hyper stiletto and heels, just same as lady gaga's monster outfits are going on top for this season. Look at this picture :

Being warm and get a fashionable look are the favorite things to do for every woman. Why don't you look at all of these pictures. I don't know why, i really relate my feelings with all the photos. Fashion isn't kind of vandalism. We can wear anything that we like especially when christmas time.

Vogue Australia 4

An extras shall contrast every body dimension. Find your perfect colors to contrast your emotion and also your body dimension. Because Christmas will be the next fashion season, so better you choose your favorite color of red, green, yellow, white, creammy, and chocolate.

Vogue Australia 3

Vogue Australia 1

I hope this quick post about Christmas Fashion can help you to find your own Christmas fashion style. Good Luck and God bless you


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