Monday, December 5, 2011

Presents and Gifts

Eye Gillter Gel and Wonder Mascara from La Tulipe Indonesia as my Modelling School's Makeup Artist Class Sponsor. The products are so great and give a great result. La Tulipe is a famous Local Brand from Indonesia. Same quality as Maybelline lar~ You have to try and buy the product first! Please don't just borrow your friend's. LOL

Nine West 10cm High Wedges

I got it yesterday Original from Joger Bali and No one can copy these, because all balinese already knew what's the different from the original and the fake one. If you buy the fake one, people will tell you to throw it in front of their eyes! I'm serious! If you go to Joger Outlet all security will check all your stuffs from bag, pockets, and so on. Copyrights are so important!

So stop to MAKE THE FAKES!


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