Sunday, December 25, 2011

December 2011 : Christmas Celebration and Cross Gifts

Today is christmas and so many santas bring a lot of presents for me. hahaha. I'm as always being nice for this year, so it's my right to grab all the presents. hahahaha. So today in my house we are having a good lunch time together with so many awesome foods. They are wagyu steak, potatos, fresh vegetables, christmas noodles, gsuper rilled chicken, some Indonesian Traditional Food, Lasagna, Green Chilli Squids, Cakes, and some super duper pink mixed ice!

So these all the presents for cousins,... hemm i get alot! Let's start!

By the way, this is my new handphone wallpaper, so cute right? aarrrgg, hello kitty. But i don't really like hello kitty :p i prefer domokun as my mascot, but i think it's cute so i download it from the internet.

but i think it's not limited anymore, how can justin sells limited album for over 15million fans out there or reach billion? ah~ i don't know la~ the reason is only, i love all his songs damn much =_= but i'm not a fanatic fan. hahaha. So don't be scared, i never scratch people when i see justin's photos or etc. I just scream at yo face! :]

This is a keychains from Beijing from my auntie and it's nice because it's purple and i like the words that said Let's Get Lucky! Hope so, i hope i can have a lucky life!

This is bangle, i think it's gold so i better to wear it with a traditional outfits or chinese outfits. Or if you have a gold dress you can wear it as your accessories AND it's coming with a box, so you can save it after you wear it.

Next, i get my Christmas Angpao la~ hahahaha i get enough and i get some money from the cost of blog advertisement. Yeay! i can buy more dress!

I got some knitted small bag, i prefer to wear it with my sundress and happy color shirt to go to the beach. Combine with my sun hat, aaaa~ it will be so gyaru and singaporean style. ahahhaa. or wear it with flower dress.

The end of my story today, it's about the new design tutorial book. Thank you so much for my girl cousin and her mommy. Coming with the tutorial CD toom it's too complete, hahaha.

I hope all of you can have a beautiful moment to with family and celebrate this christmas lovely. Good luck and God bless you all!


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