Sunday, December 23, 2012

Beauty Review : Skin Food Apple Can Multi Blusher No. #2

Hello everyone, i repost this post again to make sure the HQ pictures for todays beauty review.
This is my photo with the pink blusher that i applied on for Ribbon for Gyaru Post that i wrote a week ago. A bit harsh for me because Gyaru makeup keep stay the blush on to be pink. The fact is i'm not a real fan for this makeup style. hahaha. I believe some of you also. For a cuteness effect, it's okay la to spply this makeup to our face. Maybe for a camwhoring.

Gyaru style is so fit with semi yellow skin or not to pale skin and with the long fake lashes, plus the special are the nude lip color and pink apple round blush. Ah~ Gyaru makeup is so heavy for my skin and my face shape isn't too fit with gyaru style. Okay, i just tried to do it a week ago. So sorry if the results are not really good if you see right now :]

Also i want to share some good product from Skin Food here, i write this post it's not because i just want to promote Skin Food. It's because i really love this brand so much, so natural and prove the women's beauties.

Another products which i really love with, they are :

I hope today post can really help all of you girls. The perfect thing from Skin Food, it's the natural ingredients for makeup and also skin care. I hope you can try them!


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  1. the color reminds me a lot to maybelline cheeky glow that I purchased weeks ago <3 luv it

  2. You are absolutely beautiful!!!
    xo jess

    1. Hello young Jess <3 you too, wish you luck!
      Comeback soon