Saturday, January 28, 2012

Abdi Siswa Choir - Fesparawi DKI Jakarta

Applied at my face : Aloe BB Cream from Skin Food, Mineral Powder from my private doctor, lip balm. 

Hello guys, after a long journey with my life finally i write a new post for today. I really happy because my school got a 3rd place for Fesparawi choir competition. My school name is Abdi Siswa Catholic Senior High School or SMA Catholic Abdi Siswa. 3rd place from 37 other schools was so an amazing thing! We just practiced for 4 weeks and got 3rd place?! so amazing.. These are the photos at the toilet, because only in the toilet we could feel free to take many of photos...LOL!


My TROL face with the Fesparawi Trophy.

We were celebrating it at Puri Indah Mall today with friends. We met some of our choir team too, they already changed their uniform to the everyday clothes.

(participate for these photos : mayline.merlin.mercy.citra)


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