Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fashion Inspiration : Emma Watson

Everyone knows about Emma Watson. She is pretty, famous, kind, awesome, and have a nice body shape. Yeap she is not kind of teenager but an awesome girl who goes to mature step. So you want to see how Emma does her own fashion? I search Emma's fashion and choose them. They are the best outfit photos version of this blog. Let's see together!

Get ready for your show time and on the red carpet! off to go! :]

Look at her glowly dress, she is so ellegant and freakin awesome with that thing, she wore black belt around the mini dress and wear black heels. See the detail here!

These are some photos for magazine and commercial like Burberry or Charles & Keith or etc. you can feel the style la~ this is like a model from GUESS, Charler & Keith, ...

Magazine photoshoot!! in a wonderland.....of course everyone wants to be in there with Emma Watson,..i know what you feel right now! -_-

I love her black and simple style, she wore leather jacket, black denim or black pants, with the big black belt, and silvery small bag. Look so elegant but give us some a rock and strong girl feel.

This is the cute photo from Emma Watson, with her short manly hair but still look fantastic on her. She looks so fabulous and her makeup isn't too smooky. The natural concept is still there and the classic old memories concept are out by them self because her expression.

When i talk to you about old at above, now you can see the modern Emma Watson. Looks so hot but not dirty. You know what did i mean right? The right girl always wears the outfit that match between the situation and condition. Girl haves to control by her self. You know i after saw " How Do I Look? " on The Style Network Channel and right via TV. What the heck, i saw a woman and she was a mother of 7 children. She dressed up like a dude with the army style. The second person was a mother who dressed like a ho. The last, this is really make me shock, the mom of 5 children who end dressed up like a pirate! Holy Father sent so many angels to help them out from the Worst dressed up in America to be the Best dressed up in America. AWESOME!

So never stop to trying something new, specially for fashion. Fashion isn't to be expensive, you can remake the cheap things to be luxurious things that you ever have! Also you can match them with the awesome dress or anything that you like. But don't forget, so many fashion police outside.. they are people! So you have to search " how the right thing to do a great fashion style? " from magazine, internet, tv, and many social medias. Fashion isn't hard, you can enjoy it! :]

God bless, xoxo

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