Saturday, January 7, 2012

Movie Review : From Inspiring Person Top Ittipat to The Billionaire

As you know that i already watched "The Billionaire" Thai Movie few days ago. It was about Top Ittipat's real life story. He is the owner of TaoKaeNoi the most delicious seaweed in Asia... Do you want to see the commercial? Okay, have to know that Top Ittipat and Beast (B2ST) were work together for the commercial and the language is in Thai. But Beast are korean! yea~ but they did it very well! I hope i can follow him and be successful person in the future. So i can be inspire many people back and share my happiness to everyone. I really love to do that because i know, without God, family, friends, and my blog readers i am really nothing. Thankyou for always support me until now, i really love you everyone! People tell me i am arrogant because they don't know the exactly me. People tell that i am quite because they never try to go crazy with me. Haters gonna hate but real Lovers will gonna always love you!

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  1. you're just 16, just like Top in the begining of the movie..
    so you can be like him..