Friday, January 20, 2012

January 2012 : My Mini Vintage Vanity Tour 2012

I really want to organise these all stuffs to look more vintage and warm, because my house was designed a long time ago. My grandpa is a dutch and my grandma is chinese, so many an old stuffs at my house. So just want to make them worth it with this condition. Vintage is so in right now in everywhere so i just want to make my room a little bit look vintage too... This is my mini vintage vanity table, my grandma gave this a long time ago because i still a teenager so i think and everyone thinks that i don't really need a big enough for a vanity table. This is still not the right time! :] So how does your vanity table look?

I do this by my self, i covered all the spots with the Gold and Red ribbons because it's kind to old when you come to see it. This place is for my Lipbalms.

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