Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 2012 : Chinese New Year Haul

my real journey : MKG 3 - MKG 2 - La Piazza -Setiabudi - Home

Happy Chinese New Year, so sorry i couldn't touch my computer yesterday...because i went to Kelapa Gading to celebrate my Chinese New Year with my whole family and my mother's friend, and we went to together with them too. First i and my family went to Mall Kelapa Gading 3. I looked forward for a new HD Camera and HD Handycam but they were so expensive..i got angpaos,... but i never want to waste them for unnecesarry *as always*

My father gave me an angpaos and i bought all of these things because it was necessary.. You want to know why? Let's check it out!

After finished at MKG 3... i went to Mall Kelapa Gading 2 and guess what! We saw barongsai,...kyahahahah! start 3 years old, i really like to watch barongsai performances..They are tooooo cuteeeee! CUTEEE >_____<

Okay foget it! I went to MKG 2 and found out some cool thing. My camera blitz broken a long time ago and i need to replace it with optional blitz. I have my pop out blitz before. So i just wanted to try a new thing that i never knew before.

I bought the Digital Cleaning Kit too for my camera lenses and my camera LED.

I got some art project and i had to buy this a package of water colors. A bit expensive! But the result was so good!

I bought a three size of brushes, not a makeup brushes! This is for painting...

These were some of my angpaos.. :]

I bought some Spa Milk Salt, which the brand called A BONNE. This was coming from Thailand and imported to Indonesia. I got it from Watsons The Local Drugs Store. This product got a superbrands from Philippine. 

I bought this too from Watsons and this was the local brand from watsons. Repairing Treatment Wax - Honey for dry or permed hair. Lately my hair is becoming worst day by day. Maybe it's because a hair styling, salon really like to ironing my hair because i have a modelling class every saturday per week. The result was making my hair become so soft.

설날 복 많이 받으세요!!!!

설날 복 많이 받으세요!!!!

설날 복 많이 받으세요!!!!


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