Sunday, February 26, 2012

Asian Dolly Makeup Inspired

Eyemakeup inspired by Tsubasa Masuwaka.. and ulzzang also almost people clearly call this eye shape "dog or puppy eye shape" because we will look sleeppyyy la~ :3 :3 I spend 2 hours for this perfect creation and take a great photograph angle =__= i take 15 times and i get only one...most perfect expression and emotion at all..

i do this because i really want to get the most blog top site of this week..hemm, can i get it? So if blogger want to get this, you have to write more unique blog post to make a big hit of sensation. Because my blog is so asian style..((yeap because i live in Indonesia of course i'm asian..)) soo...i decided to write about this.. Happy reading!

special tag : #gyaru #dollmakeup #ulzzangmakeup #makeuptutorial 


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