Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beauty Review : Effects from Aloe Vera BB Cream - Skin Food

Hello guys! Today i write a post about the effects that will come out after we apply Blemish Balm Cream or BB Cream. My favorite is from Skin Food now. I use this BB Cream for +/- 3 months and it's still be my favorite so far. Before i already wrote the same about this BB Cream but just a product review, click here to read! But now i really want you to see the different between "WITH NO BB CREAM" and "WITH BB CREAM".

So my face is becoming more natural, fresh, and glow...also smoother than before. BB Cream will give your skin nutrition as far you apply it to your skin. Don't forget to clean up your face by wash it gently with Aloe Vera Foaming Cleanser and then apply it your favorite toner :) Good luck!

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