Sunday, February 12, 2012

February 2012 : Love from Korea Haul

I got some new things from South Korea. I think, this is the perfect time to do an updated haul blog post for all of you. Ever since korean wave is hitting around the world, so many foreign people do come to Korea. 

I got a bag full of korean sof cakes, handmade hand mirror, a box full of traditional korean snacks inside it, and a random stuffs from Lotte Duty Free.

These are the details :

This is my favorite cake from many cakes in there.. Pancake! Yes! Pancake with a chocolate cream..

These are cakes with grape and apple paste..

These called Monaka, you can search in Google to search what is the monaka?

Foods again from Aroowha Korean Traditional Sweets Cookies

Every single food came in two small boxes..

This is the beauty mirror originally homemade from the lady in Korea...

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