Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Review : Maybelline New York - the MAGNUM Volum Express (Waterproof Mascara)

Hello guys, this is my my quick post before i go to my study room/play room to study alot new vocabulary. I really tired today because something happened at school and i really hate it, but i know just keep calm and believe..everything is gonna be alright.. :] So i just want to share a photo about my new favorite mascara. It gives me alot if do you think? :)

You can see the different right? :] You can also try it at home, this is so save..and don't forget to curl our lashes before you apply mascara. Erase your waterproof mascara with eye and mouth makeup remover.

So this is the asian dog eyes makeup that i did 2 days ago. I did it because i really want to show you, without fake lashes, your lashes can also look longer than before.

Listen it to relaxing your mind..



  1. Girl, your eyes look like T-ara's Ji Yeon after u put on make up! It's really nice^^