Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Show 3D - Super Junior

Hello Guys long time no see you from here. I just want to share my experience because i watched The Premiere Super Show 3D at Central Park with k-ent Indonesia and with all Indonesian ELF. Actually i didn't meet some new friends there..i just came, watched, and went home after that. But i met my oldie friend, Olive there.. >_<

By the way all Indonesian ELF got their own ballooonnsssss... :]

This was some birthday gift for KyuHyun Oppa because he was the birthday boy.

Camwhoring = must thing to do!

fail photo ever for that day... =_= cover my neck with fake scarft .. photo edited for that!

She was fiona, she wrote some korean also because she spoke korean very well. HAHAHA. She learns alot from dramas and songs

Polaroid, just an effect..because i don't have polaroid. My daddy is too lazy to care much cameras at home, not arrogant but really...he really likes to buy new gadgets and the oldie ones..he will forget about it.

Before i went to watch the movie, i celebrated frandlee's (a.k.a. frandy) birthday lunch. Thank you so much!



  1. I hope I'll be the first.
    Aww man,the first kpop group i love was super junior. But as I get older, I started working and don't have time to update my kpop news already. But I still love them! I started learn korean also because of suju. <3
    xoxo, Ginny

  2. hi ginny, surely i will see your blog asap..will be so interesting <3
    big thanks to super junior, all people around the world can share loves from their songs..