Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beauty Review : Thailand Rice Soap

My friend told me that this natural rice soap from Thailand was great for every woman's skin. It's true! I bought it online from my friend on blackberry messenger. I feel worth it because i spent my money and got an interesting result. My skin is smoother than before. But my friend also said that if you use this soap everyday, twice a day.. in 3 weeks your skin will be whiter than before.. i really want to try this out, i'm not getting scared because this is so natural and smells so good. I'm going to take a photo before and after, i really want to erase some of my dark spots at my legs because i get bitten by freakin damn mosquito.. >.> i don't have dark spots alot la~ my legs are same as Yoona's legs from Girls' Generation *kidding and dreaming* :p


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