Saturday, March 17, 2012

KOJI Maggie May Fake Lashes Review

Beauty box - Masami Shouko and Maggie May KOJI fake lashes

Hello everyone today i just want to share another product from KOJI. That's not about dolly wink fake lashes but this post is all about Maggie May KOJI Fake lashes. Include the eyelash fix or as people know, an eyelash glue. The result is really natural because i wear it for my photoshoot as an ambassador.

Because this is imported fake lashes from Japan and i bought it at the local department store in Jakarta, the price was so freaking expensive. I just glad my father bought it for me as a present. He just said "you have to show your best for the photoshoot, so i buy this for you as the best fake lashes which you can use. Can't wait to see the result and see your eyes look extremely big.HAHAHA" I just thanked i have such a warm father, although he's anooying sometimes. :)


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