Thursday, May 31, 2012

Deep Smiles

owl necklace

Lately post. I took all of these photos from my friend's sweet seventeen birthday party. She celebrated at the local cafe at West Jakarta. Awesome new place and someday i'll comback to try another awesome foods there. I'm a food holic but i keep grow as a skinny girl. 

Stripe dress and Pearl Colar that my mom bought from me a long time ago actually.

Sweet birthday cake. Anyway i think i will not celebrated my sweet seventeen party because i don't want to. I prefer to buy some unique or expensive gift for my self by my own money (plus : from dad and mom, lol). In a different thoughts i really like to celebrate it. So my mom said that maybe you invite your friends (not all from my school batch) to have a formal dinner time at local restaurant. Okay that's a big deal :)

Heels from Charles & Keith

My self and my friend Marcella 

PS : All of my social media accounts started by my name "Margareta Vania" so all of you don't need to get confused :}



  1. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it! :) your blog is so cute!