Saturday, June 2, 2012

Grand Final Top Guest 2012 - Aneka Yess Magazine

Inner Collar - Mango, Outer from Korea, Black Skirt - Jessica, Unbranded White Socks, Shoes - Marie Claire

Hello June, finally i meet you! So i have so many resolutions for this month to have a good bright times together with my family, friends, and also my big new family called "rcjs - remaja ceria jakarta selatan". I think and see how my life is already in a process to be a perfect life. Everyone actually has a beautiful and a perfect match life. It depends how you can see your life lines in a positive ways. Don't ever to always think about negative and negative. Just praise the Lord because you're still breathing until now and still read my blog as well..hahaha.. 

Grand Final Top Guest 2012 - Aneka Yess Magazine

Congratulation to all winners;1st, 2nd, 3rd, Best Catwalk, and also Favorite!

By the way, i took this photo yesterday by my DSLR camera. You know what? i invited to Aneka Yess Magazine Event by my friend. My friend is an ex-finalist of the Aneka Yess Cover boy. It was a good experience to see how the real model and cover girl/boy act in front of the people. They have to stay calm, high quality, but have rich smiles. Before you go and end to close this blog maybe you can follow me on instagram : margaretavania (just search my name) and also follow my twitter! :) thank you..God bless you..



  1. love your dress,so cute!the shoes are darling
    and the little white socks are adorable with them